Vince’s Story: Plan Indonesia’s former Sponsored Child Provide Educational Services for Children in Remote Areas

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the school-aged children and their families are facing many difficulties due to social restrictions and learning-from-home policies. With limited access to the internet network, schools and teachers in the frontier, outermost, and the deepest (remote) areas of Indonesia initiated to manage offline education by regularly visiting groups of students based on the zoning of their residential. One of the young people who is devoted to continuing to provide educational services for children in remote areas is Vince J. Tamonob. This 20-year-old young woman is a former Sponsored child of Plan Indonesia resided in South Central Timor (TTS) District, East Nusa Tenggara.

After completing her studies in 2018, Vince returned to his hometown and pursued a career as an honorary teacher. She became a third-grade teacher and assisted 15 students. The village where Vince lives is very far from Soe district, the city of TTS Regency. Not to mention the internet network, electricity is not even available there. Thus, it is impossible for Vince and the school to implement online learning from home. Undaunted by this challenge, Vince then came up with an idea of forming a study group for her students. The school welcomed this initiative with open arms. Then four study groups were formed according to the distance of their houses. These students are scheduled for school four times a week. In each study group, Vince teaches for 2 hours a day. The school-from-home approach is carried out in line with COVID-19 health protocols. Vince volunteers her time and energy for the best interest of the students. No money or facilities earned. Even with the challenge of the distance to reach the location of each study group which is quite far; With the topography of the area, Vince travels by foot of up to 6 kilometers. Vince’s understanding of children’s rights is already strong. For her, every child, wherever they are, has the right to receive education services. They deserve a better future. This young woman has achieved one of her dreams. Now, she wants all the children in her beloved village to get that too. Support Plan Indonesia so that children, especially girls, are able to #ContinueStudy #TerusBelajar through