Time is Hope – A Diary of Wilda

My name is Wilda, the firstborn in our family. I came from a humble family, one that lives just to get by daily. My father works as a farmer and shepherd, while my mother lives as an ordinary housewife. And in the house, we also have Agil, my younger sibling who is currently an elementary student.

Upon graduating from high school, I actually wanted to continue studying in the university. However, as we didn’t have enough money, I had to cancel the plan and look for other alternatives.

One day, I was informed through an online youth forum organized by Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) about an opportunity to work as an intern at a five-star hotel in Jakarta. I was really interested to try!

With huge enthusiasm, I applied for that available position. I went through the process of soft skills training, discussion, and HRD interview before finally getting the job as an intern in The Westin Jakarta hotel.

I am so proud of this achievement. First, it was because I had no prior knowledge about the hotel industry. And second, because I could work alongside the other intern staffs from prestigious universities.

In order to attend this job, I have relocated from my parents’ house into a very small room that I rent monthly near the hotel. Each morning, I went to work by foot, walking through the Rasuna Cemetery to the hotel.

On my first day of work, I was stationed in the housekeeping department, precisely in the laundry station. It may not sound valuable to others, but speaking from my experience, nobody shall underestimate this position. It is a heavy job indeed. I was in charge of cleaning sets of branded clothes, one that could worth hundred thousand Rupiahs per piece. Although it was challenging, I always did my best each and every day.

Recalling it now, I was really tired that day. Perhaps, it was because I was not accustomed to the working pace yet. However, that didn’t deter me! I worked with a sincere heart and I had my parents’ blessings with me.

Through this internship, I have gained many things. First, I received a small pay that was enough to pay for the room rent. Second, I gained firsthand experience from the job.

I learned that making mistakes was actually a part of the job. However, we also need to learn from it. Once, I forgot the room number of a guest and my supervisor reprimanded me. From this, I learned that we need to be responsible. I also learned to be discipline after being late to work for several times. Aside from that, I learned to dress neatly after losing a badge on my shoulder.

After three months of working, I began noticing several changes in me. I gained weight—probably because I was happy, although I wasn’t sure (there was never a day that I got to leave work on time, so I was not sure). But I was truly happy that I got offered to be a daily worker by my supervisor. I didn’t think that I was going to be offered the position, so I tried to consider it. Especially, as the offer came with quite an interesting pay.

However, I decided to decline. To be precise, I asked my supervisor to wait until the internship period is over.

As time goes by, I became very used to the work. I was used to be leaving for work before sunrise and to go home when it was already dark. I didn’t mind the long working hours. Perhaps, that was my way of going for what I was after. That was also my way of showing the team of Plan Indonesia that I, Wilda, could reach for my dreams.

I hope that one day, my success would be a gift to Plan Indonesia and to my own family. Thanks to Plan Indonesia for giving me this chance. This program really helped me.

This is not a biography, nor a short story. This is a diary of Wilda, a hotel intern.