Simultaneously Held in 13 Cities, 100 Runners Completed 86 KM Distance to Build Clean Water Facilities in East Nusa Tenggara

Nagekeo, 31 October 2020 – Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) once again held Jelajah Timur: Charity Run for Equalitywith a mission for the fulfillment of children’s rights and the equality for girls. Today (31/10), 100 runners have reached the finish line after running 86 kilometers since Friday (30/10) simultaneously in 13 cities, namely Lampung, DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Cianjur, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Lombok, Makassar, Sangatta, Kupang, Nagekeo, Sorong, and Brisbane, Australia. Among the runners were: Natascha Oking & Kaka Slank, and Adita Irawati.

Through Jelajah Timur: Charity Run for Equality, Plan Indonesia will build clean water facilities in at least two villages, namely Nggolonio and Tedamude in Nagekeo Regency, NTT. In Nagekeo Regency, the District Head Johanes Don Bosco Do has officially disembarked 20 runners who have passed the Nagekeo-Bajawa route. The activity is held in compliance with the health protocol.

The lack of access to clean water in several villages in NTT has resulted in people still having to walk up to 2 hours to get clean water. Moreover, the responsibility to get clean water is often left to girls. Many risks often haunt girls when they are on the way to get the clean water.

Dini Widiastuti, Executive Director of Yayasan Plan International Indonesia, explained that improving access to clean water also helps to reduce the burden and risks faced by girls.

“Equality for girls should be fought in all aspects, both in domestic and public sphere. With the fulfillment of access to clean water facilities, girls should no longer be exhausted while studying at school. During menstruation, their sanitation and hygiene would also be also better maintained. Furthermore, they will be prevented from various risks of violence that might occur while getting the water,” added Dini.

Dini revealed that through Jelajah Timur: Charity Run for Equality program, Plan Indonesia targets to build clean water access in at least 10 villages in the sponsored areas of Plan Indonesia namely Lembata, Flores and South Central Timor districts. “We cannot work alone, the synergy of multiple stakeholders, local governments, private sectors, and society are crucial for the fulfillment of clean water in NTT,” said Dini.

The Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia also collaborates with Plan Indonesia through a virtual fundraising titled ‘Donation of Transportation Personnel for Clean Water Access in East Nusa Tenggara’ on Friday (23/10). More than 1.5 billion rupiah have been raised from this activity as well as 100 bicycle units will be given to children in NTT on Friday (30/10.

Adita Irawati, Spokesperson to the Ministry of Transportation and the 86KM runner is motivated to help people in NTT, especially girls through positive activities that she loves, which is running. “Indonesian girls are the next generation of this nation, who are equal to boys. Hence, take care of your health, elevate your education, and maintain your enthusiasm, so that you will become people with meanings and contribution,” said Adita, conveying her message to girls through Plan Indonesia.

Meanwhile, runner couple Natascha Oking & Kaka Slank who also join Jelajah Timur: Charity Run for Equality since 2019 stated, “We want to witness the beauty of Flores while exercising and collecting donations for an emergency cause which is the provision of clean water for several villages in Flores, hence the girls in the area do not have to walk a far distance to get water during their study or playing hours,” said Natascha & Kaka.

Previously, at least 500 runners and bikers have contributed virtually and raised funds through, including Richard Kyle (Actor) dan Nugie (Musician) and several communities namely: Women’s Cycling Community, Burn-Bukit Runners, X-Jimbarun, Run on Bali, Fakerunners Bali, and many more.

Richard Kyle explained his reason for joining Jelajah Timur virtually, “Eastern Indonesia has so much potential that can be used as an attraction for Indonesian tourism and can be put side by side with Bali and Java. Especially for NTT, where I want to raise its beauty, share its stories through my platform, and at the same time getting to know NTT closely. That is what motivates me to take part in Jelajah Timur,” said Richard.

Nugie, the musician is also motivated to participate virtually through cycling to enable girls in Indonesia to have the opportunity and joy during their growth and development period that is equivalent to children at their age. “The fulfillment of basic needs to access water and food as well as security for children should become our concern. For me, girls are the representation of the Mother Earth who I will continue to defend and protect, added Nugie.

Jelajah Timur: Charity Run for Equality is one of Plan Indonesia’s annual campaigns to support the fulfillment of clean water facilities in NTT. In 2019, Plan Indonesia has built clean water facilities in at least 2 villages in NTT with a total of donation raised more than the target of 300 million rupiah.

This year, the public can also get involved in Jelajah Timur: Charity Run for Equality by participating in Jelajah Virtual or virtual exploration, a running activity that can be done anywhere and anytime. Then, the running distance covered is collected up to a certain distance target. The results of the registration through the Virtuathlon platform will be a donation for the provision of clean water access in NTT. As of now, the donations raised have reached more than 2 billion rupiah from the target of 600 million rupiah. The fundraising is still open until the end of 30 November 2020, through (***)