Request for Tender “Provision of Pipes and Accessories for the Construction of Clean Water Facilities”

Date:             8 March 2021

Ref No.:       400/Letter/FY21/YPII/CO/III/2021

Supplier/Service Provider: All interested vendors

RFQ issue date8 March 2021
Quotation due date21 March 2021
Requirement delivery date12 April 2021
Quotation should be submitted
ProjectProvision of Pipes and Accessories for the Construction of Clean Water Facilities in Tedamude Village, Aesesa Nagekeo – NTT
Delivery addressDesa Tedamude, Kecamatan Aesesa, Kabupaten Nagekeo – Nusa Tenggara Timur

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia invites you to submit a quote in accordance with the requirement of the request for quotation.  Quotes must be received by Plan Indonesia in no less than the date stated above for the following items:

No.DescriptionSizeUoMQtyUnit PriceAmountDelivery Date (calendar days)
1Pipa PE Maspion 89mm PN 10 @12meter3″Ea        128   
2Pipa PE Maspion 75mm PN 10 @100meter2 1/2″Roll              7   
3Pipa PE Maspion 63mm PN 10 @100meter2″Roll            39   
4Pipa PE Maspion 50mm PN 10 @100meter1 1/2″Roll            15   
5Pipa PE Maspion 40mm PN 10 @100meter1 1/4″Roll            12   
6Pipa PE Maspion 32mm PN 16 @250meter1″Roll16   
7PE/GI Clamp sadle 63mm – 25mm2″ x 1/2″Ea148   
8PE/GI Clamp sadle 63mm – 50mm2″ x 1 1/2″Ea2   
9PE Socket PN 163″Ea126   
10PE Socket PN 162 1/2″Ea6   
11PE Socket PN 162″Ea38   
12PE Socket PN 161 1/2″Ea14   
13PE Socket PN 16 11/4″Ea11   
14PE Socket PN 161″Ea16   
15PE Adaptore Famale PN 163″Ea4   
16PE Adaptore Famale PN 162 1/2″Ea4   
17PE Adaptore male PN 162″Ea10   
18PE Adaptore male PN 161 1/2″Ea3   
19PE Adaptore male PN 16 11/4″Ea3   
20PE Adaptore male PN 161″Ea12   
21PE Adaptore Famale PN 161″Ea6   
22PE Reducer PN 163″ x 2 1/2″Ea1   
23PE Reducer PN 162 1/2″ x 2″Ea1   
24PE Reducer PN 161 1/2″ x 1 1/4″Ea1   

[For more details, TOR can be downloaded at the following link: ]


Documents– Deed of Company Establishment
– Ratification Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
– Domicile Letter
– Tax Registration (PKP)
– Tax Return for the last 3 months (SPT)
QuotationsIf the items on this request are not in stock, please indicate on quotation when the items would be available. Indicate on the quotation, if the price provided is inclusive of tax.
Delivery Terms and CostsPlease indicate the delivery terms to be used and any associated costs.
Payment TermsPlease indicate if payment will have to be made upon delivery/ in Advance/ other
Submission proceduresThe above documents can be sent electronically through the email:; mentioning the code: [Pipe & Accessories] in the email subject or send in hardcopy in a sealed envelope with the code [Pipe & Accessories] in the left corner of the envelope to:  

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia – Country Office
Procurement Unit
Komplek Buncit Utama No. 16
Jl. Warung Jati Barat Kav. 34 Kel. Jati Padang, Kec. Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12540, Indonesia