Call for Consultant “Senior Consultant in Recruitment Organization (Head-hunter)”

Identification of Potential Candidates for the YPII Boards

Location : Country office in Jakarta
Application Dateline : 18 August 2020
Contract Type : Professional Service Contract
Working Language : Bahasa Indonesia and English
Expected Starting Date : 25 August 2020
Contract Period: 1 month

I. Background

Based on a memorandum of understanding with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia dated June 15, 2017, the Plan International Indonesia country office was transformed into Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII) and endorsed by the Ministry of Law and Human Right of the Republic of Indonesia.
The vision of YPII is “Strive for a just world and promote children’s rights and equality for girls”.
Yayasan Plan International Indonesia is presently implementing its fourth country strategy (CS 4) covering fiscal years 2017 to 2022, in which the country objective is stated “to identify and facilitate the removal of obstacles that prevent children from enjoying their rights and participating fully in Indonesian society”. The organization’s purpose is to “strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls”. This goal will be achieved by providing technical support and implementing quality programs and projects through partnerships. An effective and efficient communications strategy is a must for YPII to share the outcomes of these projects to influence various actors, especially state authorities and to position YPII’s profile within and outside Indonesia at different levels – starting from communities, to sub-district, district, national, regional and international levels.

Our key areas of work include:
 Youth economic empowerment
 Child and youth participation
 Disaster risk management
 Sexual and reproductive health
 Early childhood care and development
 Water, sanitation, and hygiene.
 Child sponsorships

II. Objectives of the Assignment
The objective of the consultancy is to identify potential candidates for consideration to be invited to become members of the Board of Supervisors (Dewan Pengawas) and Board of Trustees (Dewan Pembina) of Yayasan Plan International Indonesia. The professional background and experience of the candidates identified may include the following:

 Support Programmes for development of children and youth, including specifically for girls, either under government or non-governmental organizations
 Policy, planning and programme implementation under either government, non-governmental organizations or international organizations
 Fundraising for non-governmental organizations
 Influencing and Communications (including social media)
 Entrepreneurship/ Business
 Finance and Accounting
 Law
 Media, advertising
 Eminent thought leaders in YPII’s priority areas- especially gender

We also request that the candidates identified reflect diversity in terms of:
 Gender balance
 Age balance (we also request candidates to include young people below 35 years of age)
 Geographical balance between Eastern and Western Indonesia as their origin
 Ethnicity balance

III. Scope of Work/Duties and Responsibilities
The Scope of Work of the consultancy assignment is as follows:
 Provide at least 20 names of potential candidates, the final number for names is subject to discussion with consultant (*)
 Provide background checks and build complete profiles of each of the potential candidates including but not limited to: achievements, contributions to society, philanthropy interests, business background, affiliation background
 Important: each candidate must not be made aware that YPII is interested to recruit them as Board members.

IV. Key Deliverables and Level of Effort

V. Duration of the Assignment
The consulting work is about 20 working days or 1-month calendar. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, most of the consulting work can be done remotely using telephone calls, virtual meetings and other messaging services for interview.

VI. Inputs
 The consultant shall gather information by conducting virtual meetings with the Board of Trustees, Board of Supervisors and Board of Management of YPII to fully understand the required profiles of the potential candidates required.
 Consultant will be responsible to bring its own equipment and other related tools necessary to perform this work.
 The main counterpart of the consultant in this project is the Executive Director of YPII and other YPII staff assigned by the Executive Director, as needed.

VII. Required experience and qualifications
Level: Senior Consultant in Recruitment Organization (Head-hunter)
 Well established professional recruitment agency in Indonesia
 Have extensive professional networks
 Have experience in the non-profit sector
 Able to handle conflicts with confidence and tactically
 Able to communicate clearly to internal stakeholders of YPII

VIII. Application Procedure
Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII) invites firms of teams of consultants with relevant expertise to apply for the assignment by submitting:

  1. A letter of intent
  2. Proposal of the assignment with the following content:
    (a) background;
    (b) approach and methodology of the assignment outlining key activities and key deliverables produced;
    (c) workplan;
    (d) personnel involved
  3. Proposed budget related to proposed activities based on the Scope of Work.
  4. Organization (or Consultant) Profile with information on: (a) current and previous relevant work and clients/users; (b) CV of the personnel involved in the assignment and their key responsibilities/roles in the assignment.
    The above documents may be sent electronically through email to:; mentioning the code BOARD CONSULTANT in the email subject.
    Or submitted in hardcopy in a sealed envelope with the code BOARD CONSULTANT in the upper left corner of the envelope to:
    Yayasan Plan International Indonesia
    Menara Duta Building, 2nd Floor
    Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kav B9, Kuningan
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Tel: Office +62-21-5229566
    Fax: +62-21-5229571