Call for Consultant “Module Development on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for Adolescent Health”

Application Deadline30 Sept 2022
Contract TypeProfessional Service Contract
Working Language                                       Bahasa Indonesia
Expected Starting date10 October 2022
Contract Period10 October – 31 December 2022

A. About Plan International and Program

We strive to advance children’s rights and equality for girls all over the world. As an independent development and humanitarian organization, we work alongside children, young people, our supporters and partners to tackle the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children. We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood and enable children to prepare for and respond to crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge. For over 80 years we have been building powerful partnerships for children, and we are active in over 75 countries.

Plan Indonesia
Plan International has been operating in Indonesia since 1969, according to the Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Indonesia. In 2017, Plan International Indonesia transformed into Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII/Plan Indonesia); registered by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. This transformation aims to reach more children, especially girls in Indonesia. To achieve its mission, Plan Indonesia has 4 (four) programs, and that is Adolescent Health and Agency, Child Development and Protection, Humanitarian Resiliency and Preparedness, and Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment.

Program Adolescent Health

As one of program in Plan Indonesia, program theme Adolescents Health goal is Adolescent and young people, particularly girl and young women, practiced healthy, positive and productive health on SRHR, Mental Health, and Prevent NCD. The objective is divided into three Intermediate Outcomes, as follow:

  1. Adolescents and young people, particularly girls and young women have improved agency and leadership to make decisions and take actions on SRHR, mental health, and prevention of NCD.
  2. Reduced harmful practices and social norms against adolescents associated with SRHR, NCD prevention and mental health.
  3. Increased adolescents’ access to and utilization of quality integrated services on SRHR, mental health and NCD prevention at national and subnational levels including in emergencies.

B. Background on the topic/ issue

Plan International has put Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR) as crucial issue in support 10,000 girls and young women to take positions of power. This is to ensure that all girls have control over their lives and bodies, and make informed choices about their identity, relationships, and if and when to have children. Therefore, Gender Equality and best interest of the child become the foundation principles. It is also grounded in international human rights standards, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action.

Adolescent Health Program at Plan Indonesia is expected to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Particularly Target 3.1 reducing maternal mortality rates, and Target 3.7 ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services of adolescent and young women. Additionally, it also expected to contribute on Goal 5, Target 5.3 to eliminate all harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

One of strategy of Adolescent and Health Agency Program is to conduct awareness raising and critical knowledge of adolescent and youth, especially girls and young women, on SRHR Trainings, discussions, and dialogue took place to encourage girls to understand and uphold their SRHR, as well as develop enabling communities .

At this moment, Adolescent Health Program has developed draft Module on SRHR, however previous consultant fails to submit the revised and final module as agreed, lack of supplement for age 19-24 years, and approaches are still heavy with one-way learning method. Based on that, Adolescent Health program need to recruit other consultant(s), to finalized the draft module SRHR and Training of trainer module, also integrate experiential learning methods.

C. Objectives

This consultancy aims to do refinement of existing draft SRHR basic module and enhancement of intermediate SRHR module. These modules are expected to be able to fill the gap of SRHR education for adolescent by other organization, as well as main source for Plan Indonesia in SRHR education using peer educators as main strategy. To improved agency and leadership of children, adolescent and young people (CAY), age 13-24, on SRHR. The modules should be able to increased CAY Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action on SRHR. Also showing an ability to influence and lead their peers toward SRHR.

D. Result

The consultant is expected to deliver a result as below:
1) Basic Module of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for CAY, including Media and references of Module Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Adolescent Health and Agency
2) Basic Module Training of Trainer for Peer Educator on SRHR
3) Intermediate Modul SRHR (for age 19-24, include but not limited to: Positive communication with partners, Family Financial Planning).

The minimum life skill aspects on the module should meet these criteria(s):
• Delay pregnancy
• Delay married (below 21 yo)
• Positive Self-concept
• Assertive communication
• Critical thinking
• Positive Relationship (families, friendship, including, and respect)
• Healthy lifestyle

E. Scope of work

1) Conduct desk review on
a) Program Adolescent Health Modules
b) Program End Violence Against Children and Young People Modules,
c) AHA draft Result Framework of CS#5
d) Draft Basic Modul on SRHR for CAY
e) Basic Module Training of Trainer for Peer Educator on SRHR

The result of desk review will be presented in inception report.

2) Refine draft Module Sexual and Reproductive Health for CAY, along with media of education and references.
3) Refine Module Training of Trainer for Peer Educator,
4) Try out Modules: Facilitate Trainings SRHR for CAY using draft Basic Module SRHR (refined version), Intermediate Modul SRHR (for age 19-24), and Training of Trainers of Peer Educators.
5) Finalized the draft modules based on the try out.

F. Key Deliverables and Indicative Level of Efforts (LoEs)

  DeliverablesActivitiesLevel of Efforts and time frameExpected timeframe (2022)PIC
TORDevelop TOR and Approval2 daysWeek (W) 3 SeptPM AHA, approved by PD
Consultant SelectedAppoint consultant,  1 dayW4 SeptPM AHA and Procurement
Consultancy contract signatoryDiscussion on contractContract signatory1 dayW1 OctPM AHA, Procurement,
Conduct desk review onTo conduct desk review on Program Adolescent Health ModulesProgram End Violence Against Children and Young People Modules, AHA draft Result Framework of CS#5 Draft Basic Modul on SRHR for CAYBasic Module Training of Trainer for Peer Educator on SRHR5 daysW1-2 OctConsultant
Outline ModuleSynthesize the results of desk study, and interview into make outline/structure of: Basic Module of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for CAY, including Media and references of Module Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Adolescent Health and AgencyBasic Module Training of Trainer for Peer Educator on SRHRIntermediate Modul SRHR (for age 19-24, include but not limited to: Positive communication with partners, Family Financial Planning).   This includes list of medias and references for the modules2 dayW3 OctConsultant
Draft Module formulationDraft Module of SRHR for CAY, along with the Media of education and references;7 daysW3-4 OctConsultant
Feedback on Inception ReportFeedback from Panel team: Program AHA, GESI Specialist, MER-KM, Safeguarding Specialist,1 dayW1 NovPM AHA, Safeguarding Specialist
Trial ModuleUse the draft Modules on Training SRHR for CAY3 daysW2 NovPC AHA, Safeguarding specialist Consultant
Trial ModuleUse the draft Module on Training of Trainers for Peer Educators3 daysW2 DecPC AHA, Safeguarding specialist Consultant
Draft Module RevisionFinalization of Module of SRHR for Adolescent Health, and Module Training of Trainers along with Media of education, and references.5 daysW3 DecConsultant

G. Duration of the Assignment

The total duration of the assignment will be no longer than 90 days (3 month) with estimated total effective workdays of 26 days for consultant to complete the assignment.

H. Table of Payment Schedule

MilestoneDetailAmount to be Paid (%)Expected Timeframe
Outline Module approvedYPII will provide inputs. Once the inception report is finally approved the payment will be released.40% of total budgetApprox. 10 days after start of assignment
Final Module SRHRAfter final approval and submission of Final Module SRHR in English and Bahasa Indonesia, the final tranche will be released.60% of total budget2nd week of December

I. Inputs

The consultancy contract is inclusive with necessary inputs for the completion of the jobs such as laptops, camera/multimedia recording tools, etc. Plan Indonesia will not cover any equipment, hardware, and devices of any kind to the consultant. The nature of the work will be Home-based. Plan Indonesia’s Country Office will be the designated hub for the Consultant to ensure coordination, consultation, and consolidation with Plan Indonesia’s internal and external stakeholders.

J. Key Principles, Approach and Ethical Consideration

Plan Indonesia Staff and consultant must adhere to Plan International Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection. In this context, Plan Indonesia shall request for the Consultant, during the contract period, to conduct risk analysis for any activities involving children and young people. Mitigation plan to ensure children and young people participating in the activities during the contract period safe and protected. Liaising with Plan Indonesia’s Child Protection Advisor for consultation is expected for developing the risk analysis and mitigation. Plan Indonesia is committed to also provide training for the consultant in this issue.

All the projects managed by Plan Indonesia and is partners, should also aligned with Plan International global ambition to reach 100 million girls, using gender transformative approach in delivering its tasks. In this assignment, the Consultant is expected to apply gender transformative approach through addressing gender norms, strengthening girls’ and young women’s agency, advancing girls’ and women’s condition and position, working with boys and men to embrace gender equality, responding to the needs and interest of girls and boys in all their diversity, and fostering an environment that enables gender equality and girls’ rights.

K. Requirement and qualifications

Plan Indonesia is open for individual consultant, or consulting organization/company who would like to apply on this consultancy. The individual consultant or team leader should meet these following requirements:

1) Minimum 5 years of extensive knowledge in as Team Leader or Lead Consultant or Senior Advisor in consulting firm/commissioned works on module development/trainings for humanitarian/development organizations, INGOs and National NGOs/CSOs;
2) Having experiences in module development on SRHR and/or gender equality and social inclusion;
3) Having experiences on facilitating training and/or education on SRHR, especially to adolescent using participatory approach or experiential learnings;
4) Familiarity of working with child and youth focused organizations, experiences in SRHR program for adolescent is an advantage;
5) Proven excellent oral and written communications in Bahasa Indonesia in module writing;
6) Ability to work in tight deadline with quality delivery, and go to the field (if required);
7) Ability to implement safeguarding principles throughout the consultancy.

L. Application Procedure
This consultancy will be selected through a selection process and candidates must submit documents via email to with the email subject “Module Development on SRHR_Individual/Company Name” with the following documents:

  1. Proposed Key Personnel involved in the assignment, with names, role in the commissioned work and CVs.
  2. Portfolio of the past relevant assignment regarding module development and/or training with participatory approach, indicating times, short description of the assignment and name of clients.

Required documents shall be submitted no later than Friday, September 30th, 2022 at 17.00 WIB

Women-owned businesses are encouraged to join the bid

All submissions will be treated in confidence.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and invited for interviews.