LocationJakarta-based, and field trip to relevant Yayasan Plan International Indonesia’s program implementation areas
Application Deadline 21 January, 2022
Type of ContractProfessional Service Contract
Working Language            English and Bahasa Indonesia
Expected Starting DateJanuary 2022
Contract PeriodJan – March 2022


Plan International Indonesia, now has been transitioned to a local entity, Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII), has been working for more than 50 years since 1969. Currently, YPII is completing its Country Strategy 4 (CS4/FY18 – FY22), which focuses on the four thematic programs: Adolescent Health and Agency (AHA), Child Development and Protection (CDP), Humanitarian and Resilience Program (HRP), and Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship (YEE). The thematic programs align with specific contexts such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Plan International’s new global strategy and Asia Pacific Hub program priorities, Area of Global Distinctiveness (AOGD), Indonesian Government’s national and sub-national plans in promoting children’s rights and in alleviating poverty. Additionally, in FY20, YPII conducted a CS4 midterm review, YPII has developed Monitoring Evaluation Country Performance Management Plan FY21 – FY22 and started to use PMERL YODA[i] and archiving system. In FY22, YPII aims to complete the development of its organisational business process and RACI for project management aspect, which consists of cross-cutting program, influencing, resource mobilisation, logistic and procurement, finance, and human resource department/unit.

As currently YPII is approaching its FY22 working period, it seeks to develop the next YPII Country Strategy 5 (CS5/FY23 – FY27). The CS5 development will be an opportunity to evaluate the CS4 achievement and later reflect and determine our CS5 choices, ways of working for the program, influencing, resource mobilisation and operations department, where to expand, and with whom YPII should be working. Apart from the general purposes of CS4 evaluation and CS5 development, this is a crucial moment to feed into YPII’s strategic decision to become the leading development and humanitarian organization focusing on advancing children’s rights and gender equality.

CS5 development will also be the momentum to ensure Plan Indonesia strategically plans to deliver on Plan International’s sponsorship promises, especially to ensure the wellbeing of our sponsored children in 3 Programme Implementation Areas and that our programme and influencing interventions are gender transformative. CS5 development is also the time for Plan Indonesia to consciously and strategically plan our engagement with the broader of ecosystem of players, with special focus on youth groups and champions, who contribute to the achievement of social, gender, economic and climate justice.


It is expected that the development of CS5 starts through SWOT organization analysis in development sector both the internal and external analysis to covers relation to situation in politics, economy, social, technology, legal, and environment key issues that are relevant to YPII business on fulfilling the relevant CRC[ii], SDGs[iii], and CEDAW[iv] framework and also RPJMN and RPJMD.

Geographically, YPII is currently working in at least eight (8) provinces in Indonesia; Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, and Central Sulawesi for development and humanitarian context. Specifically, at East Nusa Tenggara, YPII has three Project Implementation Areas (PIAs) that support the livelihood of around 36,000 sponsored children at Flores, Timor Tengah Selatan, and Lembata District.   

The overall objective of the consultancy is to provide the YPII management with CS5 program development facilitation, Drafting Document, strategy recommendations for YPII to be the leading development and humanitarian organization focusing on advancing children’s rights and gender equality.

Specifically, this will start by conducting situational/context analysis task as basis to construct CS5 Concept Note Document using the general key guiding questions below:

  • How is current YPII Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat as organization in development sector including its internal management and programming, role, relation during CS4?? What have been the good practice/strength/milestone of improvement? The internal management covers the organization operations department that includes finance administration, logistic, procurement, and human resource unit, whereas the programming covers the four programming units, sponsorship programme, influencing, and resource mobilisation department.
  • What would be a strategic opportunity in programming for YPII under current and future changing context/trend at local and global level – politics, economy, social, technology, legal, and environment relevant to YPII business and to verify its Result Framework? What are ways of forward/strategic working for the program, influencing, resource mobilisation and operations, where to expand, and with whom YPII should be working? What are the other potential working areas in Indonesia?
  • How YPII should improve and adapt its internal management and programming both in work process and approach to realize its vision within the changing local and global context and have a more outcome-based result and sustainable programming?

User of this activity is mainly YPII management and relevant key stakeholders.


The consultant will have three main work scopes under this activity;

  • Conduct and produce the organizational strategic SWOT organization analysis
  • strategy for YPII

Methodology and Steps. To conduct the two tasks above, a combine quantitative and qualitative methodology could be used with following guidance:

A. Organizational SWOT Analysis.

Using the three guiding research question above, this analysis could use desk review, available secondary data, qualitative data collection technique, and quantitative as relevant.  

  • Desk reviews documents will be included but not limited of the following documents: internal strategic documents such as Horizon scanning 2019, brand awareness report, corporate interest mapping, available program ToC/strategy document, quarterly and annual report, membership journey document, relevant research, evaluation, assessment report, and National Office (NO) strategic (i.e. UKNO),
  • Secondary data may include data CS4 thematic programs achievement (FY18 – FY21) including Sponsorship Children Program data/SCU, relevant data from BPS, and data from partners.
  • The Qualitative method may use group discussion and key informant interviews of respondent group from YPII staff including the Board, management staffs, key partner stakeholders at national and sub-national government, CSOs, private sectors, Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), NOs, and local implementing partners.
  • The quantitative data collection may be use as relevant to gain information needed from respondent group from YPII staff including the Board, management staffs, key partner stakeholders at national and sub-national government, institutional donors, development actors, CSOs, private sectors, Youth Advisory Panel, NOs, and local implementing partners.

B. Facilitate and Review CS5 Result Framework/Program Development CS5 and Draft Document Strategy Recommendations Development for YPII

1. Facilitate and Review CS5 Country Workshop including to review CS5 Result Framework/Program Development CS5 This task will mainly use SWOT Analysis result above and draft of strategic CS5 documents from Division/Units of YPII such as draft strategic plan CS5 from Operation and Support Division, draft strategic plan CS5 from Influencing Division, draft strategic plan CS5 from Resource Mobilization and Program Development, draft strategic plan CS5 from Program Division consisting five programming units namely HRP, YEE, CDP, AHA, and PIAs as the main materials/basis to review and facilitate CS5 Result Framework/Program Development.  

This task will include facilitation to discuss and decide strategic direction and priorities, and key changes with CS5 Task Force and CMT plus/Board.

The review and facilitation aim to:

Ensure that TOC/Result Framework at Country level and division/program unit level are valid

Strategic Documents at division/program unit level refined including to check they include mainstreaming of Gender/GESI Transformation, Protection principle, and Nexus approach are integrated, as well as ensuring that we put youth in the centre.

2. Draft Document Strategy Recommendations Development for YPII. This task is a continuation from previous tasks above to develop/write draft CS5 document.

This task may use the following approach/steps:

  • Review draft strategic documents from Division/Units of YPII
  • Initiate consultation activities as relevant the field and country level with YPII staffs (include Board, management, staffs, YAP) and PII (Global Hub/GH and NOs), key local partners as relevant which may comprise government stakeholders, private sectors, and implementing partners
  • Facilitate and finalize Result Framework/Program Development CS5 at Country Level through workshop
  • Write/Develop CS5 document (draft and revised/final draft document) using the previous result of analysis, Result Framework/Program Development CS5,additional data, and report including youth profile report.


Within the timeframe of the consultancy, the research consultant(s) should complete the following deliverable with CS5 draft Document as the main deliverable:

DeliverablesActivitiesLevel of EffortsExpected Timeframe
Inception Report/Design Document to conduct all tasks  including for CS5 DevelopmentFinalized inception/design document based on input and using YPII SOP standard/ Research Design and Work Plan Format Desk Review5 days desk review 5 days revise design/inception and work plan November 2021
SWOT Analysis Data Collection, Report Submission,  and Finding Presentation1. Conduct data collection with selected staffs, Ministries/ key local government partners at national and sub national level as relevant, Private Sector, CSO, according to YPII MERL Initiative Standard/SOP Data collection, data cleaning and analysis 2. SWOT Analysis Report and matrix and recommendation 3. (Initial) Finding Presentation12 days   10 days     5 daysDecember 2021 – January 2021
Facilitate and Review CS5 Result Framework/Program Development CS5 using Participatory activitiesReview and refinement of Strategic Document Draft from Divisions Submission of Workshop CS5 Plan/Agenda & materials Facilitate Country Level Result Framework and Strategy 10 days   2 days   5 days    December 2021 – February 2022
Develop Draft CS5 Document and Strategy1. CS5 Document Draft submission 2. Facilitate final consultation workshop to discuss & align CS5 document with YPII staff including Board, staff, YAP, PII (GH and NOs). 3. Submission Revised/Final CS5 Concept Note Strategy Recommendation Document10 days   2 days   3 days    February-March 2022
 Total Level of Effort74 days maximum 

It is expected that a more participatory approach will be utilized during this second task to discuss findings from SWOT Analysis and other data/reports collected with inputs from YPII staff and relevant stakeholder group as agreed.


The total duration of the assignment will be no longer than 5 months with estimated total effective workdays of maximum 74 days to complete the assignment.


The consultancy contract is inclusive with necessary inputs for the completion of the jobs such as laptops, camera/multimedia recording tools, etc. YPII will not cover any equipment, hardware, and devices of any kind to the consultant. The nature of the work will be Jakarta-based with travel requirements to designated locations (based on the agreement during the inception stage with the YPII team). YPII’s field office will be the designated hub for the Consultant to ensure coordination, consultation, and consolidation with YPII’s internal and external stakeholders at the PIA level. 


YPII Staff and consultants must adhere to Plan International Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection. In this context, YPII shall request for the Consultant, during the contract period, to conduct risk analysis for any activities involving children and young people. Mitigation plan to ensure children and young people participating in the activities during the contract period safe and protected. Liaising with YPII’s Safeguarding Focal Point for consultation is expected for developing the risk analysis and mitigation. YPII is committed to also provide training for the consultant in this issue.

The consultant must follow Ethical Principles for involving human subjects in research and obtain written/verbal consent from the human subjects. Permission from elders must be sought if the children under 18 years are involved as subjects. Signed informed consent of each child and his/her parents need to take after explaining the purpose of the study and its usage.

All the projects managed by YPII and its partners should also be aligned with Plan International’s global ambition to reach 100 million girls, using a gender transformative approach in delivering its tasks.  In this assignment, the Consultant is expected to apply a gender transformative approach through addressing gender norms, strengthening girls’ and young women’s agency, advancing girls’ and women’s condition and position, working with boys and men to embrace gender equality, responding to the needs and interest of girls and boys in all their diversity, and fostering an environment that enables gender equality and girls’ rights.


The applicant of this Consultancy can be: 

  • A Team Leader/Individual representing a team of consultants 
  • Consulting Company/Firm

Requirement and qualification of the Team Leader: 

  • Minimum 10 years of extensive knowledge as Team Leader or Lead Consultant or Senior Advisor in consulting firm/commissioned works on strategic review/assessment of development organizations, humanitarian/development organizations, INGOs, and National NGOs/CSOs. 
  • Familiarity with working with child and youth-focused organizations, experience in gender quality, and adolescent programming is an advantage.  
  • Proven excellent oral and written communications in English and Bahasa Indonesia, especially in report writing.
  • Good facilitating skills, ability to work on a tight deadline with quality delivery.


Interested applicant should submit the following documents:

  1. Technical Proposal, consists of:

1.a Background (on the state of the art of localized entities of INGOs and development/non-profit sectoral insights, brief analysis of situation relevant to YPII’s programmes)

1.b.      Methods and approach (how would the assignment be conducted, using what methods/approach with proposed activities)

1.c.      Work Plan to conduct the activities proposed

1.d       CS5 Document outline including PESTLE Analysis as annex

2. Financial Proposal, with the following breakdown (in IDR)

2.a.      Budget per deliverables or output (broken down by activities, excluding personnel)

2.b.      Budget for personnels (individual fee/salary)

2.c.      Management fee/consultancy fee (if not included above)

3. Proposed Key Personnel involved in the assignment, with names, role in the commissioned work and CVs.  

4. Portfolio of the past relevant assignment, indicating times, short description of the assignment and name of clients.

5. Annexes: relevant samples of completed reports/works, including work done by individual as team member of team leader, or link to website to the report.

The above documents can be sent electronically through the email:; mentioning the code: [Name of Applicant/Firm]_ DEVELOPMENT_CS5 in the email subject. Required documents shall be submitted no later than Friday, 21 January 2022.

All submissions will be treated in confidence.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and invited for interviews.

[i] Project Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Leaning Your Organisation Data Analytic

[ii] Child Rights Convention

[iii] Sustainable Development Goals

[iv] Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women