Call for Consultant Facilitator for the Development of Partnership Strategy Yayasan Plan International Indonesia

Location:Country Office – Jakarta
Application Deadline:25 January 2021
Contract Type:[Professional Service Contract]
Working Language:                                      [Specify whether deliverables need to be submitted bilingually (Bahasa Indonesia and English) or only English]
Expected Starting Date:

1 February 2021

I. Background

Plan International has been operating in Indonesia since 1969 as an International Non-Government Organization and in 2017, Plan International Indonesia transformed into Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII/Plan Indonesia). To be able to work effectively and to create greater impact, Plan Indonesia has been developing partnership with various parties: government, private sectors, non-government organization, community-based organization, media and journalist and public figures, depending on the context and the nature of the work.

Globally, Plan International has developed Strategic Insights for the Future of Global Partnership[1] with one of the statement is that Plan International strives to develop global partnerships to become truly transformational and sustainable with maximum reach, impact and influence, enabling 100 Million Girls to Learn, Lead, Thrive and Decide. Plan International’s future role as a partner in development will be defined by its technical knowledge and expertise around gender issues, and specifically, adolescent girl’s rights, its community presence and ability to lead and convene multiple sectors in high profile, complex partnerships and networks. Hence, there is no doubt that collaboration and partnership is considered to be essential.

Nevertheless, Plan Indonesia is still working on a reactive mode in its collaboration and partnership, meaning that engagement with partners and other parties are based on short-term or transactional need. Program Department would tend to develop collaboration and partnership with parties who can contribute to the achievement of the program objectives, whether it is as service provider, implementing partner or as allies in creating new project for a certain period of time in line with the fund availability. Fund Raising Department would tend to develop partnership and collaboration with foundations and institutions that can provide financial support. Influencing Department would prefer develop collaboration and partnership with government institutions and Communication Department would develop collaboration and partnership with media and public figure that can support institutional branding and image. As a result, each department has its own partners and there are times when one department may not be aware of other’s partners.

Keeping in mind the important of partnership, Plan Indonesia considers the need to develop Partnership Strategy that can be the reference for all department in selecting, developing, maintaining and evaluating partners. The strategy will also set an agreed way on how to manage partners including how to keep and update their data.

[1] Strategic Insights for the Future of Global Partnership, Thought paper by the Global Partnership Team, June 2018, Plan International, page 4.

II. Objectives of the Assignment

The assignment is to find a consultant who will facilitate workshop with the participants representing different departments and core management in Plan Indonesia. The consultant can be individual or a team of consultant. Working with the selected task force assigned by Plan Indonesia, the consultant will develop partnership strategy.

III. Scope of Work/Duties and Responsibilities

  • The consultant is to facilitate a two-day workshop with the participants from selected staff of Plan Indonesia using methods suitable with the need.
  • The consultant is to provide proposal on how to facilitate the workshop including the recommended facilitation methods.
  • The consultant is to develop partnership strategy in close collaboration with Plan Indonesia team/task force.

IV. The Deliverable

The consultant is to facilitate a workshop for YPII management team to develop partnership strategy and guideline. The workshop is expected to achieve the following results:

  1. Partnership procedure/governance which can show clear who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed in each steps
  2. Partnership Management which will include identification of partnership categories, partnership assessment and maintenance of partners
  3. Agreement on how to keep and update data on partners
Desk Review and workshop preparation  Reading Country Strategy Indonesia and other documents relevant to Partnership Strategy Working with task force assigned by CMT of Plan Indonesia and agree on the workshop time and methodsProposed workshop methods5 days
Workshop on Partnership DevelopmentFacilitating workshop with the participants selected by CMT Plan IndonesiaInformation on partnership procedure/governanceInformation on partnership management consisting of identification of partnership category, partnership assessment, maintenance of partnersAgreement on how to keep and update data on partners  2 day
Developing partnership strategy based on workshop resultsIn close collaboration with Plan Indonesia, the consultant is to write Partnership Strategy with the contents extracted from the workshopsDocument on Partnership Strategy5 days  

V. Duration of the Assignment

The assignment will be maximum 15 days and expected to start no later than the first week of February 2021. The report and document are in Bahasa Indonesia and in English.

VI. Inputs

The consultant is expected to be self-support.

VII. Key Principles, Approach and Ethical Consideration

Plan Indonesia Staff and consultant must adhere to Plan International Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection. The consultant must follow Ethical Principles for involving human subjects in a research and obtain written/ verbal consent from the human subjects. Permission from elder must be sought if the children under 18 years are involved as subjects. Signed informed consent of each child and his/her parents need to take after explaining purpose of the study and its usage. Training on this will be part of the training provided for the team.

All the projects managed by Plan Indonesia and is partners, should also aligned with Plan International global ambition to reach 100 million girls, using gender transformative approach in delivering its tasks.  In this assignment, the Consultant is expected to apply gender transformative approach through addressing gender norms, strengthening girls’ and young women’s agency, advancing girls’ and women’s condition and position, working with boys and men to embrace gender equality, responding to the needs and interest of girls and boys in all their diversity, and fostering an environment that enables gender equality and girls’ rights.

VIII. Required experience and qualifications

The consultant is expected to have the following qualities:

  1. More than 5 year experience as facilitator
  2. Hands-on experience on various techniques of facilitating on line workshop
  3. Have good understanding on institutional development
  4. Have good understanding on partnership in development sectors

IX. Application Procedure

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) invites firms/teams of consultant with relevant expertise and portfolio to apply for the assignment by sending:

  1. A letter of intent mentioning daily service fee
  2. CV with focus on experience relevant to the assignment
  3. Statement or satisfactory note from previous clients on facilitating assignment

The above documents can be sent electronically through the email:; mentioning the code [please choose a code, example: PARTNERSHIP_STRATEGY in the email subject.

Or send in hardcopy in a sealed envelope with the code [PARTNERSHIP_STRATEGY] in the left corner of the envelope to

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia

Komplek Buncit Utama No. 16

Jl. Warung Jati Barat Kav. 34

Kel. Jati Padang, Kec. Pasar Minggu

Jakarta Selatan 12540, Indonesia