90 Days of COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Plan Indonesia reached out to 57.608 Girls and Young Women

In order to support the efforts of Government of Indonesia in combatting and preventing COVID-19, Plan Indonesia conducted COVID-19 pandemic response. 

These are performed through three pillars, which are child protection, water, sanitation and hygiene, and inclusive education with gender equality and social inclusion, as well as communications and advocacy as overarching pillar.

Here are summary of the pandemic response in April-June 2020: 

Forms of Support distributed by Plan Indonesia: 

– 37.886 sanitation kits

– 15.885 learning kita

– 10 million litter of water supply

– 244 water installations 

– 12.400 menstruation hygiene management kits

– 706 socialization activities on sanitation best practices in 200 villages 

– 158 personal protection equipments for 25 medical workers

– 34.196 materials of knowledge, information and education on COVID-19 reaching out to 182.351 audiences 

Plan Indonesia has reached out to more than 28.000 families and 111.254 individuals as the initial targeted numbers of beneficiaries which includes: 

– 30.651 families; 448.778 individuals, including 75% adults dan 25% children.

– 240 people with disabilities out of 335.591 adults

– 113.187 children that includes 57.608 girls and 55.579 boys.