Yes I Do Photobook – Nurturing Hopes, Fighting Against Child Marriage

Since 2016, Plan Indonesia, through the Yes I Do project, has tried to prevent the practice of child marriage, teenage pregnancy and female circumcision, particularly in the districts of Sukabumi, Rembang and West Lombok. Plan Indonesia also encouraged children and young women and men to be more autonomous and able to negotiate and decide when and with whom they will marry and have children.

Furthermore, the Yes I Do Program has successfully prevented 32 child marriage cases in three districts of Sukabumi, Rembang, and West Lombok. Together with the Alliance for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (LPAR), the Association for the Improvement of Small Businesses (PUPUK), Rutgers WPF Indonesia, and the Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI), Plan Indonesia encouraged the formation of 12 Village Child Protection Groups (KPAD) with 302 members in three our assisted districts.

The Yes I Do program ends in 2020. In the last four years, the YES I DO program has created men and women from various regions who have started to raise their dignity and their environment.

There are five pillars of the Yes I Do Program including, the pillar of a community social movement, youth participation in various forums or activities, girls’ easy access to information and services about reproductive health and sexuality, how to provide options for adolescents especially women, through formal and non-formal education, and lastly is to support policy or advocacy in favor of government regulation at the village, regional, and central levels.

Find more information about the Yes I Do Program from this photobook.