Plan International has worked in Indonesia since 1969 and has officially become Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) in 2017. We work to fight for the fulfillment of children's rights and the equality of girls.


Plan International has been working in Indonesia since 1969 to fight for the fulfillment of children's rights, youth agency, and equality for girls.


  • Empower children, youth and communities to create fundamental change which addresses the root cause of girls discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability.
  • Encourage practical and policy change at the local, national and global level, through influence, and the knowledge of realties facing children.
  • Increase the capacity of children, youth and communities to be ready and responsive to crisis situations and so they are able overcome difficulties they face.
  • Support the development of child safety from birth to adulthood.

Program Plan Indonesia

Girls Get Equal

Aside from these 4 programs, Plan Indonesia also fights for the rights of young girls through the Girls Get Equal campaign.

Girls Get Equal is a global campaign initiated by Plan International and held in many countries. This campaign calls for girls and young women to be able to make decisions about their own lives and shape the world around them.

In Indonesia, Plan Indonesia implements the Girls Get Equal campaign with a mission for 1 million young girls across 1000 villages in Indonesia to gain equal power, freedom, and representation.

About the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) Plan Indonesia established the YAP as a part of its commitment to ensure meaningful participation of young people in the governance and management of Plan Indonesia institutions. YAP consists of groups ranging in age from 17 to 24, from local and national representatives. Its purpose is to provide input and ideas from a youth perspective.

For more than 50 years, Plan Indonesia has sponsored 36,000 young girls and boys in East Nusa Tenggara, 

Furthermore, through its campaigns and programs, Plan Indonesia aims to directly benefit 1 million girls in Indonesia

Management Team

Dini Widiastuti
Romatio Wulandari
Linda Sukandar
Stefanus Aryawan

Board of Advisors

I Putu Martasunu Kamayana
GKR Mangkubumi
Doktor Fasli Jalal, PhD
Bhagyashri Dengle
Kus Hardjanti

Board of Supervisors

Doktorandus F. Supriyanto
Herwan Ng
Marta Muslin

How Do We Fund Our Work?

Plan Indonesia collaborates with and gains support from many partners, including individuals, communities and corporations from all around the world. We call our partners "Sahabat Plan".

Together, we fight for change that creates a better world for children and youth especially girls, as well as to bring equality for girls.

While collaborating with these partners, we continue to uphold our principles that are in line with policies for child protection and gender equality, as well as our organization's code of ethics.​

The support provided by our partners is treated with great respect and responsibility. The funding and support they provide is used to support our programs, which aim to protect and fulfill the rights of children and young people.​

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