More than 100 young people prepared for work through soft skill webinar

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, young people in the country are facing bigger work-related challenges. Not only that they will be facing fierce competition among their peers, the youth will also be facing direct competition with the seniors with more job experience on the market.

To upgrade their working capability, these days, many young people are now more aware and interested in attending career training and webinars.

On October 17th, approximately 108 young people with more than 80% girls among the participants from various parts of Indonesia attended an online webinar titled ‘Youth Defines Future of the Nation’ (Yang Muda yang Menentukan Masa Depan Bangsa). The webinar was organized by Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) and local platform Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten (GNIK).

In this webinar, the youth, who are mostly alumni of the work training program called #GirlsKitaKerja or #GirlsWeWork, attended presentations about what they would need to do to succeed in the workplace. The materials presented were under the topic of young generation productivity as key to demographic bonus success, as well as the importance of mental resilience at work. These topics were in line with the goal of this webinar, which were to amplify the message on the needs of youth skills development, decent work, as well as gender equality in workplace.

“Indonesia will soon be experiencing the demographic bonus, which there will be so many youths available for work. If they don’t increase their capacity, then they will only be watching from the sidelines,” Wahyu Sadewo, Plan Indonesia’s Youth Empowerment and Employment Program Manager, explained.

Meanwhile, Chairul Razak, one of the steering committees at GNIK, said that it was time for the youth to take the frontline in the job market.

“You are the next generation. It is your time to shine. So, let’s empower each other to build better future for the nation. We will be supporting you from behind,” he stated.

After listening to the sessions, the participants were given the chance to ask several questions. One of the participants, Sela, asked a question on how to obtain resiliency after failing to meet their goals at work. Meanwhile, other participant, Supri, asked how to survive in a toxic working situation.

After this webinar, the youth are given the chance to attend more work-related webinars and trainings held by Plan Indonesia. Since 1969, Plan Indonesia has been working with youth groups and activists in order to ensure youth meaningful participation in decision making that has impact to the fulfillment of the children’s rights and equality for girls.