IT Training Support for 1,000 Underserved Young Digital Talents in Surabaya

Surabaya, 20 September 2022 -- The demand for Indonesian digital talents remains enormous, but the knowledge gap in IT Sector remains high. A 2021 rapid assessment of employer insight by the Alumni Association of Universitas Indonesia showed that companies face difficulties finding talents for growing sectors, including the application engineering and programming sectors.

Work in Tech Indonesia announced in December 2021 is one of the largest digital upskilling initiatives in the region and is aimed at training and placing 10,000 young people in IT Support careers across Indonesia. Work In Tech is supported with a grant from, Google’s philanthropic arm, and led by the global nonprofit INCO in partnership with Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia). According to INCO’s program manager Vera Lingga, “more than 500 students from East Java have already graduated from the course”.

Today, we are happy to share that the Surabaya City Administration has agreed to provide some in-kind support to facilitate the delivery of 1,000 IT training courses in Surabaya. These 1,000 courses are part of the Work In Tech program led by INCO and supported by

Eri Cahyadi, the mayor of Surabaya, says the administration will provide relevant support for the IT training programme. Over the next two years, IT training will be provided to 1,000 underserved young people (18-29 years old), particularly young women and people with disabilities. This partnership aligns with Plan Indonesia's Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship efforts carried out since 2010.

"For generations, Surabaya has been home to Indonesia's best digital talents. We hope to support more generations with exceptional ability in the digital sector through this programme. The Surabaya administration welcome young people to use Broadband Learning Centre across the city," Eri stated.

Plan Indonesia sees the urgency to empower and bring equal access to the youth. Through our partnership with INCO, supported by, we will provide opportunities for young people to increase their IT skills and help them enter the highly-demanded industry, both in the local and international context," said Dini Widiastuti, Plan Indonesia’s Executive Director, after the socialization event in Surabaya, Tuesday (20/9).

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About Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia)

Plan International has been working in Indonesia since 1969 and officially became the Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) in 2017. We work to fight for the fulfilment of children's rights and equality for girls. Plan Indonesia implements its activities through four programs: Child Protection and Development, Youth Health and Agency, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, and Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Response.

We work in 7 provinces, including East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, DKI Jakarta, Central Java and West Java, with a target to empower 1 million girls. In addition, Plan Indonesia also nurtures 36 thousand girls and boys in East Nusa Tenggara. Further information:

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About INCO

INCO is a global nonprofit organization on a mission to create a more inclusive and environmentally sustainable economy. In over 40 countries around the world, INCO offers training programs in future-proof skills to individuals facing barriers to employment. INCO aims to create straightforward pathways to good jobs for those who need it the most, while supporting employers in finding qualified and diverse talent. INCO’s training programs cover a broad range of careers, from tech and sustainability to farming and healthcare. 

In Indonesia, INCO leads Work In Tech Indonesia, a programme supported by and delivered in partnership with Plan Indonesia to equip 10,000 young Indonesians with digital skills leading to employment in IT Support. 


Vera Lingga

Program Manager, INCO Indonesia

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