Call for Consultant Baseline Data Collection for Young Health Program


Application DeadlineApril 11th, 2021          
Contract TypeResearch Consultancy
Working LanguageEnglish & Bahasa
Expected Starting DateApril, 19th 2021
Contract PeriodApril, 19th 2021 – June, 13th 2021


Plan International has worked in Indonesia since 1969 and has officially become Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) in 2017. We work to fight for the fulfillment of children’s rights and the equality of girls. Plan Indonesia implements its activities through four programs namely, Child Development and Protection, Adolescent Health and Agency, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, and Humanitarian and Emergency Response. We work in 7 provinces, including East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, DKI Jakarta, Central Java and West Java, with a target to empower 1 million girls. Furthermore, Plan Indonesia also sponsored 36.000 girls and boys in East Nusa Tenggara.


AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme (YHP) is a global programme with a unique focus on young people aged 10 to 24 and prevention of the most common non-communicable diseases (NCDs): cancer, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and mental ill health. Delivered in partnership with Plan International and UNICEF and informed by baseline from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the YHP combines on-the-ground programmes, baseline and advocacy to target risk factors such as tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and exposure to air pollution, that can lead to NCDs in adulthood. Since 2010, Plan International has implemented the YHP in Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Vietnam and Zambia.

The overall goal of the YHP in Indonesia is to contribute to improved health and well-being of young people between 10-24 years old in Indonesia. Specifically, it aims to ensure that young people in Indonesia have increased knowledge about NCD prevention and NCD risk factors and greater capacity to make informed decisions about their health.

The programme has the following four objectives:

  1. Young people have increased knowledge and capacity on NCD prevention to protect and promote their long-term health
  2. Communities are informed and mobilised to provide a safe and supportive environment that facilitates healthy behaviour among young people
  3. Health services have the capacity to support the health of young people, including accessible and quality youth friendly services
  4. Laws and policies support NCD prevention and promote the broader health of young people.

Specifically, the YHP in Indonesia is implemented by Plan International Indonesia and 2 implementing partners in North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta and East Jakarta, and will be running for 5 years (2021-2025).


The objective of this consultancy is to collect quantitative and qualitative data for a baseline study of the YHP in Indonesia. The baseline data from this study and the recommendations will inform the outcome targets and strategies of the YHP in Indonesia at the beginning of implementation. The baseline data will also provide the YHP team with benchmarks against which the YHP objectives and outcomes will be measured during the midline and final evaluations, and to answer outcomes indicator of YHP project.


The consultant duties and responsibilities are only to collect the data, to insert the quantitative data into an agreed software programme and to transcribe the qualitative data. Plan International will then send the collected raw baseline data to a consultant in the UK, who will analyse the data and write the baseline report. So, data analysis and report writing are not part of this consultancy.

The consultant will conduct the data collection in YHP intervention areas which are North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, and East Jakarta particularly in targeted schools, health services, and other stakeholders.


The consultant will be responsible for using the YHP global methodology and data collection tools; country-specific contextualisation on the tools is possible but always in agreement with Plan International UK. The consultant will propose the country-specific sampling strategy, and with the Plan International country office agree on a list of key informants (from government, civil society organisations and health facilities) to be interviewed.

There are at least 3 YHP data collection tools (quantitative and qualitative) that the consultant will administer for this baseline data collection per the global YHP methodology:

  1. Survey assessing knowledge, attitudes and practices, and other elements relating to NCD risk factors among young people (quantitative)
    • Sample: 400 young people (aged 10-24) randomly selected with some stratification of the sample (for gender, age group)
  2. Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) involving young people and other YHP cohorts (qualitative)
    • Sample: 8 FGDs minimum in total; 2 FGDs each with a) young people (peer educators); b) parents/caregivers; c) teachers; d) community stakeholders/leaders
  3. Key Informant Interviews with health professionals, government policymakers, civil society organisations, alliances, networks and other non-governmental stakeholders (qualitative)
    • Sample: 10 KIIs minimum in total with a selection of 1) health professionals; 2) government stakeholders; 3) civil society stakeholders; 4) other stakeholders or beneficiaries of particular interest

The indicators and baseline tools for the YHP are standardized across all YHPs around the world. Data collection result will be analysed by a consultant in the UK as initiate condition of YHP project intervention area and to help project team identified project strategy.


Expected deliverables to be submitted by the Consultant within the contract period are as follows:

DeliverablesActivitiesLevel of EffortExpected Timeframe
Sign Contract by YPII and consultantBackground checks will be done, contracts will only be signed once Plan UK consultant is okay with the proposal.YPIIApril, 8 2021
Research Design and Work plan– Background
– Evaluation/Assessment/Research Purpose and Questions
– Theory of Change and Program Component
– Detailed methodology, including draft sampling methodology and size;
– Sampling and Respondent
– Data Quality Assurance (DQA)
– Team Composition and Logistic
– Deliverables;
– Research Schedule;
– Draft data collection tools;
– Respondent List;Ethical considerations;
– Consent forms for any primary data collection;
– Approval from an ethical review body, or written justification of why this is not needed.  
ConsultantApril, 9 2021 – April, 16 2021
Final Data collection toolsConsultant will provide data collection tools using in excel and data collection software for survey and FGD, KII guides.  ConsultantApril, 9 2021 – April, 16 2021
Data collected and inserted/transcribed  Qualitative: Audio record file and minimum semi transcripts of the qualitative data should be submitted in Word format both in the original language and translated into English. Specific guidance on how the Word documents should be labelled and formatted will be provided.

Quantitative: Consultants will use electronic data collection software of their choice (recommended: Kobo Collect / Kobo Toolbox) to enter the data that is collected in such a way that it can be submitted in as an Excel *.csv file where rows correspond to observations; columns correspond to survey items), cleaned, and with the specific column headers and coding requested by the UK Consultant.
ConsultantMei, 31 2021 – June, 10 2021
Completed Consent Forms (including for children and their caregivers and adults)Consultant will completed consent forms (including for children and their caregivers and adults) and send to YPII together with survey result and transcribed.ConsultantMei, 31 2021 – June, 10 2021
Remain available for questions on data after initial submissionConsultant will provide all feedback from YPII, Plan UK and Plan UK consultant.ConsultantJune, 11 2021 – June, 13 2021


Duration of consultant assignment will be start at

1Contextualise TOR for BaselineMarch, 5th 2021Done by YHP MER Officer and
YHP Manager with support from MER Specialist and Plan UK
2Baseline TOR Approval by AHA Program Manager and Plan UKMarch, 12th 2021AHA Program Manager and
Plan UK will review and approved the TOR of baseline data collection.
3Advertising for ConsultancyMarch, 15th – March, 29th 2021Plan Indonesia will
advertise  for the baseline consultancy
4Selection and administration processMarch, 29th – 31th 2021YHP Manager and
M&E team at YPII shortlists.
5Share shortlisted applications with Plan UKApril, 1st – 3rd 2021YHP Manager to share the applications with Plan UK, including technical and financial proposals for the shortlisted consultants
6Recruiting the Consultant CandidateApril, 5th – 7th 2021Interviews done with consultant based on Plan UK recommendations.
7Sign Agreement with selected ConsultantApril, 8th 2021Background checks will be done, contracts will only be signed once Plan UK consultant is okay with the final inception report and the tools
8Inception meetingApril, 9th 2021With the Plan Indonesia consultant, Plan UK consultant, Plan UK YHP team, YHP Indonesia Manager and M&E team
9Consultant to submit draft Research Design and Work planApril, 9th – 16th 2021YHP Manager and M&E team to do the initial review of the inception report with data collection tools. YPII will have shared the tools with the selected consultant. Address any initial concerns with the consultant.
10Review Research Design and Workplan by YPIIApril, 19th – 22nd 2021YPII will review draft research and workplan
11Share the Research Design and Work plan to Plan UK, including the tools to be used by the consultantApril, 22nd – 26th 2021YPII will share the Research Design and Work plan once they are happy with it, including the tools for data collection with Plan UK and Plan UK consultant.
12Revise Reseach design and workplan by consultantApril, 27th – 30th 2021Consultant will revise the reseach design and workplan based on feedback from Plan UK
13Research design and workplan Approval by Plan UKMei, 5th 2021Plan UK will review and approved the research design and workplan.
13Team Planning MeetingMei, 7th – 10th 2021Overview of YPII evaluation/assessment/research process and requirements to consultant, Getting to Answers Matrix, Clarify the team’s understanding of the research questions, Develop a field visit/sampling schedule, and Develop or revise questionnaires/contextual data collection instruments.
14Enumerator training & data collection tools testingMei, 17th – 18th 2021Enumerator Training by consultant and YPII including safeguarding policy and Test out the validity of draft data collection instruments.
15Data CollectionMei, 19th – 29th 2021Consultant will conduct data collection (Survey, FGD, KII ).
16Data entry and cleaningMei, 31st – June, 4th 2021Consultant will develop a database in consultation with Plan UK consultant for data entry
17Send audio files and data transcripts of qualitative data and cleaned quantitative data result  to Plan UK consultant for analysis and report writingJune, 5th – 10th 2021The consultant will enter and clean data. YPII will do data QA and the Cleaned data will be sent to Plan UK consultant for analysis and report writing
18YPII consultant to remain available for questionsJune, 11th – 13th 2021Plan UK consultant may have questions related to data which have been collected and transcribed. The YPII consultant should be available in case of these questions


Permission letter of research and data collection to Badan Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu (PTSP) DKI Jakarta, Kesatuan Bangsa dan Politik Kementrian Dalam Negeri (KESBANGPOL), District and Local Government will be provided by consultant. Participant or respondent of this research will be selected and recruited by consultant with consideration of potential risks of harm and follow the YPII COVID 19 prevention protocols.


The Firm/ Consultant will be paid following the terms below:

DeliverablesPayment (%)Expected Timeframe
Sign Agreement with selected Consultant40%2 weeks after sign agreement
Finalise Data Collection Result60%2 weeks after YPII consultant to remain available for questions


Plan Indonesia’s Staff and Consultant must adhere to Plan International’s Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection. The consultant must follow Ethical Principles for involving human subjects in a research and obtain written/ verbal consent from the human subjects. Permission from elder must be sought if the children under 18 years old are involved as subjects. Signed informed consent of each child and his/her parents need to take after explaining purpose of the study and its usage. Induction on this matter will be part of the training provided for the team.

All the projects managed by Plan Indonesia and its partners, should also aligned with Plan International global ambition to reach 100 million girls, using gender transformative approach in delivering its tasks.  In this assignment, the consultant/ vendor is expected to apply gender transformative approach through addressing gender norms, strengthening girls’ and young women’s agency, advancing girls’ and women’s condition and position, working with boys and men to embrace gender equality, responding to the needs and interest of girls and boys in all their diversity, and fostering an environment that enables gender equality and girls’ rights.


The required skills and competences for the consultant are:

  • Advanced degree in Public Health, Population Research, Development Studies, Gender, Population Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation or any other relevant degrees
  • Knowledge and expertise in young people’s health or NCD risk factors is an advantage
  • At least 3 years’ research experience such as baseline, midline and final evaluations
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of Indonesia’s health system and policy environment
  • Does not affiliate with any government bodies
  • Research experience in the health sector and preferably proven experience in quantitative and qualitative methodology
  • Experience in research involving marginalized or vulnerable children, young people and communities (desirable)
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to children’s rights, gender equality and development issues
  • Experience in working across multiple sectors including with INGOs. Knowledge of Plan International and its work locally (desirable)
  • Fluent in local language and proficient in the use of English


All applications received by the submission date will be reviewed by a selection committee, in consultation with Plan International UK, based on predetermined objective criteria. Upon selection, the consultant/agency will be invited for a discussion and requested to submit a detailed inception report prior to start of the assignment.

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) invites firms/teams of consultant with relevant expertise and portfolio to apply for the assignment by submitting:

  1. Technical proposal consisting of organization’s background and concept based on the information provided above.
  2. Consultant or agency profile outlining areas of expertise with samples of select works
  3. Current list of recent and relevant clients
  4. Names and CVs of the professionals who will be the lead and associated with the assignment and how the assignment will be managed
  5. Example of research report that created by consultant (Baseline, Midterm, Endline)
  6. Detailed technical proposal on the understanding of the TOR and the scope of the work, outlining the approach and plan to accomplish the assignment 
  7. A proposed timeline indicating activities/sub-activities to be undertaken and the corresponding outputs, including gender and safeguarding considerations
  8. A financial proposal containing itemized all-inclusive budget. Plan International will not meet any other costs related to the assignment

Submit the above-mentioned documents via email to; with Subject Email: PROC_YHP2 Consultant Required documents shall be submitted no later than April, 11th 2021 at 12.00 pm.

All submissions will be treated in confidence.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and invited for interviews.